how to use pinterest for wedding inspiration


Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life, but it definitely does not have to be. In today’s post, we are going to address how you can start your wedding planning off on the right foot, with a unique vision and how to use Pinterest!

As a photographer, we can play a unique role in helping our clients plan their weddings. We love to collaborate and build a relationship with our couples, the wedding planner, the creative director, the florist and so many more! When we all work together, we can achieve an authentic wedding with the Bride and Groom’s love story at the center of our inspiration.

1. The Bride & Groom, together decide on a vision for their wedding day!

  • List out the things that are most important to you as individuals, i.e. Dress, Cake, Venue, guest list, beer….you get the idea- then compare the lists.
  • Circle the items that match on your list-and discuss the priority of each item.
  • Next, each of you write down a short sentence of how you want the wedding day to “feel”. i.e. “I want our wedding day to be a celebration of our love together, full of peace and reflection.”
  • Next, each of you write a sentence about how you want your wedding day to “look”. i.e. “I see lovely soft greens and blues. Each color calms me and brings peace to my soul…maybe a beach or deep in the forest.”
  • Discuss these thing together and find a common vision for your day. Don’t be afraid to do something that has never been done!

2. Start a Pinterest board TOGETHER! Cultivate, don’t Copy!

  • The best thing you can do for your wedding and future marriage is work together! Most times, we leave the groom out of the planning because we don’t think they care or we want to control it-can I get an amen? But, if we can share the load with our grooms, it can make them feel needed and respected.
  • DON’T pin wedding stuff. I know, crazy thought right? Why would you have a “wedding board” without wedding stuff? We can get so caught up in the wedding ideas from other peoples’ weddings that we forget our own vision for a wedding. Your wedding cannot be uniquely you, if you create it based on the latest pins and trends. Your vendors cannot think out of the box, if you put them in a box…you track’n?
  • DO pin, Textures, Colors, Fabrics, Details, Inspirational Photos, Food. See our Sample Wedding Board Here!

The goal of creating a Pinterest board is to Inspire and give anyone helping with the wedding a visual understanding of your wedding day vision. When you can give your team of professionals a board that they cannot copy from, magical things will happen. You are leaving the door to creativity open for your wedding day when you propose a vision and inspiration.


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