Hello there,
We are 

Hi there,We are 

Ace & Whim

We are desert-dwelling Showit website designers, photographers and creative professionals based in sunny Arizona. We live for: Disneyland adventures, athleisure apparel, baseball and golden retrievers. 

I was a Boss Babe before #bossbabe was a thing

Showit Design Partners

He is her ACE. He is the tech, the wit, the physical and emotional support. He is not happy unless he is by her side, serving her, and loving her unconditionally.

She is his WHIM. She is the artist, the visionary, the love of his life. She is not happy unless she is creating and dreaming of what could be, and telling her Ace all about it.

They were not meant to keep each other grounded, they were meant to set each other free.

He says it best...

Meet Field

I started photographing weddings more than 12 years ago solo. I was a Boss Babe before #bossbabe was a thing. Field joined the biz and we became Ace & Whim. After years of weddings and missing weekend with our kids, I was facing burn-out and needed to pivot in our life and business.

With more than a decade of photo + design experience, Field and I knew we could help other small business owners create websites they could be proud of. I get caught up in exploring another professional's business and helping them find their voice. Field makes everyone feel like the most important person in the room and rescues me from throwing the laptop across the room when I can't figure something out. 

Meet Karie

A heart of gold and one of the best writers I know. Those that know him, adore him.
 Looking for a place to party since 1982.

Creative Entrepreneur Designer
Enchilada Addict 

Lover of all People
Problem Solver
Professional Hugger

High School Sweethearts
Awesome AF

who we are

The number of film cameras we have collected over the years. I have a problem. I admit it. Fun fact though...ALL of them are operational. Our favorite is Penny- a 6x7 film camera. We love to tote the 35mm and polaroids on trips with the kids! 


Children. Babes. Kiddos. And one sweet golden retriever. We have been blessed with 3 amazing children. Being parents has by far been the hardest and most rewarding part of our lives. They are growing faster than we can keep up, but we are so proud of the people they are becoming. 


Sadly, in inches, the depth of water I can tolerate in the ocean. Yikes!! I have an irrational fear of things in the water that are out to get me. Seriously guys, I can't even handle the deep end of a wave pool. 


The number of days Field and I have gone without talking to one another since our very first date. Across the country and across continents, we haven't missed a day since July 24th 1999.


I think we can make magic together.

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