day after wedding sessions- 3 reasons you should be doing them

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Now that we have your attention. Let’s talk about the 3 reasons you should be doing day after sessions with your couples! We were able to surprise this destination wedding couple with a day after session and it left us wanting MORE! MORE! So let’s dive into it!
1. Both you and your clients are far more comfortable! We photograph engagement sessions to prepare us for weddings, so just think how mazing you will be with this couple, after their wedding day! The wedding day can be a little chaotic and sometimes, by the end of the night, we are sad we didn’t have more time with our bride and groom alone!
2. See your client in a whole new light. We almost always have the chance to photograph our brides and grooms at sunset, but how often do we get to photograph them at sunrise? Don’t get me wrong, sunsets are incredible, but there is something really magical about a sunrise…a new day.
3. Celebrate their marriage & bring their wedding day full circle. Weddings are wonderful and beautiful….the dress, the suit, florals, the venue…it is all so important on the wedding day, but sometimes, you just want to strip that all away and focus on what REALLY matters; The couple, their marriage and their love for one another. Take that time let them reflect on their special day and their new life ahead of them…makes for some amazing images.
So next time you think it will work and you have the opportunity to photograph your bride and groom the next day, DO IT! 

This beautiful Day after session, left a special place in our hearts and challenged us to think how we can service our clients better. Cat + Chris, you were incredible. Getting up early the day after your wedding cannot be easy and you made it look flawless.

Processing and scans by Photovision. Kodak Portra 800 and Fuji 400H Contax 645 and Pentax 67


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