“The first step into the house and I was charmed. The old wood floors, retro kitchen and built ins had me hooked already. It felt stable and well built.”  – Karie from The Search: Are Unicorn Ninjas a thing Thats where we left off, right as I was walking into the house.  The front room was nice, I […]

Jul 29

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The Reality: Can’t Stop the Feeling (Part 1)

Hi, my name is Karie, and I have a Realtor.com problem.  They say the first step is admitting it, but the last step is finding a house that hopefully your husband will fall in love with.  Its not entirely my fault, you see, I have a dream.  I have a vision for our lives, and […]

Jul 27

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The Search: Are Unicorns ninjas a thing?

As the sunsets on the 25th of July 2016 we sit back and reflect on the little decisions in life that have made huge impacts on our lives.  17 years ago to the day, Field and I stood outside my parents house holding hands, staring deeply into each others eyes, and laughing uncontrollably and nervously. […]

Jul 26

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The Decision: When leaving is what’s right for your family

When Katie and Jacob asked us to photograph their romantic desert backyard wedding just a months before they got hitched…I could not help but love that they were hiring us on a WHIM. Every pun intended. Their wedding day took place in the beautiful backyard of a private residence. We adore intimate, romantic weddings like […]

Apr 30

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Private Estate Wedding in Tucson Arizona

Marriage…man, sometimes it can be rough, which makes a photo session like this, one of my absolute favorite things to do. We can get so caught up with life after marriage, that we can actually forget to stop and look into one anothers eyes, and remember why we got married in the first place. We […]

Aug 13

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Organic + Whimsical Anniversary Inspiration

There are so many things about Katie and Connors story that reminds me how wonderful young love is.  In many ways they remind us of our love story.  Katie and Connor went to high school together, and they are very passionate about their love.  It is such a cliche to be passionately in love, but […]

May 22

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Bohemian Desert Engagement – Phoenix Arizona

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