6 free google font pairings for your website


Finding the right fonts that compliment your website can be a challenging task. We put together 6 free google font pairings for you based on style. In addition, we have some tips that might help you determine the best fit for you. These popular Google fonts will have your readers quickly moving down the page nodding their heads in agreement.

6 free google font pairings by style

Editorial Style

One of my favorite choices. This font pairing is easy to read and timeless. I like mixing an editorial serif font like Lora with a clean, sans-serif, like Lato. This is a great font choice for timeless, classic and fine art websites. Other Serif google fonts that work well are Playfair Display, Libre Baskerville, Antic Slab, EB Garamond and Cinzel.

Modern & Minimal Style

Clean, modern and minimal style fonts. When sans-serif fonts are all paired together it makes for clear and legible text. It looks great in a large format and is perfect for screen use. Some of the most recognizable brands use sans-serif fonts like Calvin Klein and Dolce Gabbana. We are huge fans of the Poppins google font. It looks great on fine art websites as well. Other google fonts that are sans-serif font families we are crushing on include Open Sans, Lato, Montserrat, Oswald and Quicksand.

Luxury Style

Who doesn’t love a little luxury, after all, not all Google font pairings are created equal. Similar to the Editorial style fonts, this is classic and timeless. Playfair Display is a google font we use again and again. When paired with another serif or sans-serif font we love to use these fronts on high-end websites. To see how these fonts work together on a website, view our best selling Athena Template.

Organic Style

Organic & natural style. The serif font, Forum is a great font, especially when paired with one of our favorite sans-serif fonts, Poppins Light. We love this combo for bohemian, natural and down to earth websites. We used this font combo on one of our favorite Ace & Whim Templates, Magnolia. Check out how this font pairing flows on a real website. Magnolia Design.

Playful Style

Using a legible script font along with sans-serif fonts creates a fun, playful vibe. This is a great font choice for vibrant and bold websites. Script fonts mimic handwriting. They can be truly unique. Some additional script google fonts are Rocksalt, Mrs Saint Delafield and The Girl Next Door.

Adventurous Style

A combination of the right sans-serif fonts like Oswald & Raleway creates a little wonder while remaining clean and easy to read. Raleway brings some balance to a bold, tall font like Oswald. These google fonts are great for travel content creators and adventure websites.

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