What to do?


It Is funny how life works out sometimes. I spent the last 2 months asking myself several questions to try to get to the biggest question of all.

What do I want to do with my life? 

When you are a mom and a wife…the obvious answer is to be a Better mom and wife. While that Is always at the forefront of what I do on a daily basis, It Is not “my life” or what “I do”. One does not always have the ability to even ponder this question, let alone take action. Field and I are at a transition In our life that we have been at many times before. One of us works full time, the other part-time so that someone Is home for the kids, all still school age. We both treasure the ability to be present In our kids lives and think It Is so Important at this very Impressionable age, therefore we make It a priority. 

But, for anyone that knows me….I cannot sit still very long. For the last 2.5 years I worked full time, over time, all the time doing a wonderful job with the city of Corsicana and I loved It. I was Important. I was needed. I was making a difference.

We have been back In AZ for 2 months. There Is plenty to do still around the house, with the kids and extracurriculars, but I can’t help but think I could be doing something else. I have had 3 careers so far. Nursing, Photography and Main Street Director. Looking back, honestly….I am not sure I want to do any of them again.

Maybe with all of this free time to think, I will find clarity on a passion I want to pursue. If you could DO ANYTHING, no limits, what would you do? 


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