The Search: Are Unicorns ninjas a thing?

The Farmhouse

Hi, my name is Karie, and I have a problem.  They say the first step is admitting it, but the last step is finding a house that hopefully your husband will fall in love with.  Its not entirely my fault, you see, I have a dream.  I have a vision for our lives, and when you have a burning desire to change your life, you can’t stop.  I could not put the app down.  Luckily for me Field completely understood.  He wasn’t constantly on’s app (which got way worse about two months ago, during prime house buying season btw), but he was constantly on his phone playing Star Wars games, or trying to catch all of something or another.  So we had a short term mutual understanding, that lasted 8 months.  Did you know that you can see on your iPhone what apps have used the most of your battery?  Its really handy, go into your settings, Battery, and at the bottom you’ll see battery usage.  For months my phone read something like this app 78%, messaging 6%.  That doesn’t leave much else for me to use my phone for.

I would spend hours looking for the the perfectly imperfect farmhouse Field and I could fix up together.  I went on countless trips to small towns all over Texas. We weren’t just looking for a small town, but an adorable town, within and hour of Fields parents, with good schools, good athletic programs, a couple acres to have a farm and opportunities for change, all for under $100,000.  Basically, we were looking for a unicorn.  Turns out there are no unicorns, or they have somehow turned into ninjas.  Hours turned into months, months into years.     A year into our search, dozens of cities and towns crossed off the list, and we had all but given up on unicorns.  I was watching the College World Series, Field was so proud, and the announcer mentioned a kid from Corsicana, Texas.  I sat up, and began immediately searching for houses in Corsicana. How did I overlook Corsicana in the past?  Sure enough, there was a charming farmhouse on 6 acres that looked perfect!  It didn’t even need fixing, but it was over budget (which apparently is a bigger deal to some of us than others).  It wasn’t our unicorn, but those don’t exist anyway, right? I flew out to see it as soon as I could, but it was not as perfect as it appeared online.  The house had some very nice touches, but the shower head started at Field’s chest, and he would have looked like Mr. Incredible crammed into that tiny blue car, in every room he walked in.  We were so disappointed, deflated really.  The experience took the wind out of our sails just a little, and we felt adrift.  Before heading out I had done a lot of research on Corsicana.  It has some history, not all great, but some very redeeming.  It was charming and as I sat in a local store, I met the people.  They were friendly, but more than that, they were kind.  It took me back to meeting the people of Gordon Nebraska, the place Field still says is home.  I could really picture our life there.  The kids growing up surrounded by less, but somehow making more of their surroundings.   We went back to the realtors office and looked at everything else that was available, but there nothing listed that was right for us.  Then, another realtor in the office muttered the sentence that changed everything, “what about that little white farmhouse on a couple acres at the edge of town?”  She practically yelled to my heart “There is a Unicorn Ninja master, and I can take you to him.”

My heart had stopped, the clocks stopped ticking, the realtors voice quieted in my mind.  All I could hear were the tires driving me down an old slab paved road.  I can’t tell you, who was there, what they were saying, and I can’t describe the feeling of calm and peace that overtook me as we pulled into the driveway.  I may have squealed out loud with excitement just looking at it for the first time.  It was white, with black shutters.  A front porch as long as the house and the sweetest little carport I had ever seen.  “Did we find a unicorn?”  My heart had already raced ahead, leaving all rational thought behind.  I began immediately planning, and I had not even stepped foot into the house.

From the exterior, I knew it was going to be small, but I didn’t care.  You don’t judge unicorns based off their size, you just marvel in their rarity.  We were willing to cram our family of 6 into smaller square footage to live the farmhouse dream. The first step into the house and I was charmed. The old wood floors, retro kitchen and built ins had me hooked already. It felt stable and well built.

Get your first look at our unicorn.

The 58′ Farmhouse

white farm house diy-1094 white farm house diy-1085 white farm house diy-1096 white farm house diy-1091white farm house diy-1087

  1. Lynda says:

    It’s beautiful Karie! How exciting for your family! Congrats, and I so look forward to following your journey!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It’s beautiful. So excited for you guys!!

  3. Charming Home! God bless your family on this new journey!!!!

  4. Josh says:

    I’m excited for you guys! You’ll be about an hour from my hometown! East Texas is great!!!

  5. Clarisa Fujiwara-Franklin says:

    I believe Unicorns do exist- thats the spirit in us that is invisible to the eyes but ignites within us! So I sense you have found your unicorn spirit in that beautiful and charming new home! I’m so happy for you guys! I wish you the best in your new adventure together.

    Clarisa Fujiwara-Franklin

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