Hello 2015 – Business Goals


We are so excited to step into the New Year..or leap really. We have decided to share our 2015 Business Goals! We want to keep it real and be held accountable by our industry peers and clients.

1. Getting organized. Finding the right tools and systems to take the guesswork out of our business. Ideas: Trello, Co-schedule, Evernote, Pixifi, ShootQ

2. Workshops and more workshops. Our desire to teach has become a pillar of our business. We love pouring into other people’s businesses and building lasting relationships and friendships. This year we will launch The Whimshop, an exclusive fine art workshop experience! Stay tuned.

3. Transition to 99% film…yes, even at night. Right now, we shoot film all day at our weddings, and then once night time is upon us, we switch to digital…shooting a roll or two of reception and long exposures to give our clients. We would love to limit the digital at night and make an effort this year to learn the ins and outs of film and artificial light! And when we do…we will be sure to share them here.

4. Make at least 3 valuable vendor relationships. This industry can sometimes make you feel completely alone. And we know the feeling all to well. Building authentic relationships with vendors can not only change your business, it can create friendships in a sometimes not so friendly industry.

5. Community over competition. This is so incredibly important to us! We want more than anything to share love and build relationships. We believe that everything in life is relational and that same standard applies to your peers and “competition”. Our hop for 2015, is to create community amongst our peers in the photography industry. Let’s build one another up!!




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