November 19, 2019

Denny’s Now Open


Growing up, we didn’t eat a lot of home cooked meals and It never bothered me. I had a great childhood, eating all of the top ramen, hot dogs and bologna sandwiches I wanted.  I can remember my mom making Top Ramen on the stove in our little apartment when I was 5 years old, asking, “do you want an egg in your soup?” I would respond almost always, “YES!” It was like eating at that Chinese restaurant down the road, egg drop soup. All I was missing was a heaping of fried rice and soy sauce. But the soup will do, Thank you. 

My Senior year of high school, I met Field. I wanted to do something special for him one night, so I prepared and cooked my first real meal, Chicken Parmesan. It wasn’t until recently that I recalled making this dinner. Field and I were talking about how much I love cooking and where that desire could possibly come from….So, we went back to the moment I started cooking and voila-the answer was when I met Field.

Over the years, It has become really clear to me that I not only love food, I love feeding the ones I love. Making them meals Is my way of showing them how much I care. I remember several years ago, telling Field, “I am happiest when I am cooking for my family.”

So this Is It. This Is my space-a peek Into my life and passion for food. A place I can share the food and recipes that connect our family with you. 






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