April and Paul Russell Rome, Georgia


I often take note of all the see people I see being creatures of habit.  People who go around and do the same thing, the same time, every day.  Now I’m not hating on it at all.  I have things that I do the exact same way every day, from applying deodorant and brushing my teeth, to the way I put on my socks and eat my kids fruit snacks.  We all have our quirks, and rarely take the time to realize how others quirks, or habits work well with ours.

I am a bit of an extrovert, and therefore Karie (who is not), puts up with and even encourages (purely out of love) me to do extroverted things.  So on the 2nd day of the Connect Retreat we walked into the dinning hall, and saw many a tables and couples with which to sit.  It didn’t take either of us more than a second to choose Paul and Aprils table.  They had arrived early, and sat in the same seats in which they sat for every meal (which I think is weird, but I now really appreciate).  We asked if we could join them, and they graciously accepted , not knowing that all of their sweet tea now belonged to me.  Within minutes I was sucked in to Paul’s beard and how much he and April instantly felt like life long friends.  We chatted about marriage, business and kiddos.  It didn’t stop there of course, we are both husband wife photography teams, so there was plenty to discuss all the while together and  I couldn’t get over how they made me feel.  They have an edge to them, that is quickly overcome by an overwhelming calm.

I still don’t know how it happened (probably because I was admiring the beard), but next thing I know, we are all set up for a photoshoot!!  I was like a kid getting a puppy, ecstatic, overjoyed, and dying with anticipation.  When we meet people like April and Paul, who just seem to get life and we get to take pictures of their love for one another, it fills our souls.  April and Paul get the value and importance of being a husband, and being a wife.

Its the way she admires you from afar while the kids climb on you on the couch.  Its the way you feel as she sits next to you, and finds a way to stare deep into your eyes when you are showing perfect strangers kindness and love.  Paul has that in April, I watched it happen, and I know how her admiration made him feel.

Its the way he stands back, and lets you do something silly but is somehow arms length away and next to you when you’re done.  Its the feeling of being safe in his arms, when you are just holding his finger tip.  April has that in Paul, clear as her seemingly effortless ability to look totally BA.



April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia




April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia


April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia


April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia


April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia








april and paul anniversary photos rome georgia




April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia






April and Paul anniversary photos rome georgia






When all was said and done, and I thought of April and Paul, being so full of life, and love for others sitting in the same spot for each and every meal I realized something.  If they were getting up and moving table to table, they wouldn’t have been sitting there for Karie and me to get to know.  They would have been at some other table, making some other couple feel amazing, special and loved.  So selfishly, I am so thankful for their habits, without which I may have not made such an awesome friend.  I had never before been jealous of Hattiesburg, Mississippi… and now I always will be.  We truly love you guys, and can’t wait to watch you continue to be a shining example of a great marriage in an world that needs good examples of solid loving families.

If you are in the South, and you are looking for people to capture your love, you need to contact April and Paul.  They understand the love you have for each other, they understand how wonderful life is with the love of your life next to you.  They will treat you right, and they will look totally awesome doing it.


We we lucky enough to get in a second shoot with another wonderful couple in GA. View Katelyn James and Michaels Alsop’s post


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