Katelyn James and Michael Alsop Rome, Georgia


One of our favorite things about shooting film is the intentionality that comes from the process.  While we shoot, we are of course paying attention to light, angles, composition, that bag on the ground… why did I set that bag there?, what is in our frame, etc.  Because each shot means so much to us, because we have a limited number of shots with us at all times, we are intentional about our couples.   In shooting exclusively film on these sessions also means, we don’t see our shots for days.  This causes us to be even more intentional, we cherish each frame, not just in the post process, but during the shoot.  We’ll often just breathe as we look through our view finder, in awe of our subjects, and in awe of their love.  So as we not so patiently wait for the wonderful guys and gals over at Photovision to develop and scan our film we are allowed time to reflect on the shoot, the couple, our processes, and die in anticipation for the scans.  As we reflect we sometimes get stuck on what our couples say after the shoot.  The goal is for them to feel loved, important, cared for, safe, and beautiful. This particular instance we heard a word that left us on cloud nine.  “That was so peaceful.” Katelyn said.

In our community Katelyn James Alsop is a pretty popular photographer, she is an industry leader, a woman with amazing tastes in all things, and the momma of one of the most photogenic dogs in the world, who is also my home boy (search #bokehthebichpoo on instagram).  Michael Alsop (who often gets called Michael James), is a handsome and kind Southern boy with a great smile and winning personality.

To be honest, I had not really had a habit of  paying attention to many other photographers, even super awesome ones that everyone loves.  I prefer to get to try to know people personally before I promote their awesomeness… even if they are super awesome.  Well luckily for me, I have gotten the chance to know Katelyn and Michael a little better over the last year, and I’ve gone from “I think I’ve heard of her” to a true believer.  When describing the Alsop’s (I feel strongly about the last name haha) I use words I don’t use lightly.  “Karie the Alsop’s are genuinely kind people.  They are absolutely who you hope they are.”

Karie, being a wonderful wife, respects my opinion of how truly wonderful Katelyn and Michael are, and says “I’d love to do something nice for Katelyn.  Do you think they would let us take them on a shoot?”  Knowing how much Katelyn and Michael pour in to helping others (check out Katelyn’s blog if you need to know just about anything), and leading at the Connect Retreat, my greatest concern was if they would have the time to step away for a couple shots, but thankfully they said yes!

Over the course of three days at the amazing Connect Retreat for husbands and wives in business together, Karie got to experience their kindness for herself.  Throughout the retreat the Denny’s and the Alsop’s would chat, encourage, hand each other mouse traps, pass big wooden blocks, support each other when we were out on a literal wire, and invest in each others marriages. Through all that time together the idea of getting to step away for a full photoshoot seemed like a daunting task.  We were determined to make it work, but more determined to give them a break and let them be a husband and a wife instead of a leader and a teacher.  Don’t get me wrong, they cherish their roles as teachers, but I know they cherish their relationship more.

So, with about 20 minutes, post dinner on the last day of the retreat, we walked off as a husband/wife photography team to shoot two people who are very much in love.  This is our jam, it is our passion, and we are in love with the results.

Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session

A Southern boy, a Southern girl, and Southern light, perfection.

Katelyn James and Michael Alsop sweet romantic anniversary session

Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session

There is something about a husband, leading his wife, that speaks to me.

Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session



Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session



Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session



Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session


Katelyn James sweet romantic anniversary  session



Genuine, kind, and loving individuals. These words are chosen carefully, deliberately delivered, and as sincere as can be.  Katelyn and Michael we are honored to call you friends, and will gladly be beside your many fans cheering you on to continued success.

We love you both more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for all you mean to us, and to our community.

  1. Karie Denny says:

    We loved every minute we had with Katelyn & Michael!! 🙂

  2. Lovely work, you guys!

  3. Caleb Gonzalez says:

    Great post man! Your words perspire honesty and those images, What an awesome work!

  4. Megan Kelsey says:

    Oh man! I LOVE the fourth image!!! Katelyn is so beautiful! These two are so awesome.

  5. April says:

    AMAZING guys!!!

  6. Emily Betcher says:

    We met the Alsops for the first time at CONNECT this year, as well as you two Dennys. I can’t tell you in words how blessed I am to know both of you couples, but now that I have seen these lovely portraits, I don’t have to. Ace & Whim GETS IT. You see more than a pretty sunset, hillside, and couple in a matching ensemble. You see the heart, soul, deep desires and struggles – and your photography embraces it in such a way that we can see it, too. In this series of photos, I was transported back to that exciting and relaxing date night and the beauty of witnessing so many men light up when their own wife stepped into the room (or, the brick path with a super long table full of delicious food amidst a gorgeous Georgia hills sunset) and so many wives come alive at the abiding love of their husbands. Katelyn & Michael embody that love in these images, and you captured it so genuinely, A&W!

    I hope we get to go back, together. These are so lovely.

    • Field Denny says:

      Emily, you and Fred will forever be our group leaders. We love you guys so much! I can’t wait to get to know you guys better, and we’ll be there next year if you will! 🙂

  7. Ohhh you guys!!!! I don’t know what I love and appreciate more… these gorgeous pictures or the sweet SWEET words that you shared. These pictures mean so so much to us… more than you know. This was the first Connect Retreat that we really made time and put forth an effort to focus on US and these pictures capture that and remind us that sweet time!! We will cherish these forever!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!! You have made me a believer in FILM! :):) We just love you two!

    • Field Denny says:

      Awe, we love you guys! It can be so hard to feel the pressure of always being “on” and being teachers and leaders. The fact that you were able to just be a couple SO in love, was our favorite part. 20 min was enough… but we would’ve been okay with 60 😉

  8. Vinny Provenzano says:

    Some people embodied what it means to truly “follow” Christ … It literally flows from who they are … This is that couple … and “shows up” in everything they do … add to that an incredible talent for photography and focused passion for business and you have Michael and Katelyn Alsop … They are the real deal!

  9. Beautiful images of a beautiful couple in a beautiful place!! And your words could not be more spot on 🙂 So glad you guys were able to do this for the Alsops! And now I want to give film a try even more…

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